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What is

Texas Ecological Laboratory?

Texas Ecological Laboratory (TEL) is a partnership between landowners with ecologically valuable land and university students eager to study Texas flora and fauna. Landowners invite highly qualified researchers to carry out confidential ecological research on their property and in return, substantially reduce their property taxes by up to 98%.

Under this program, your land could transition into wildlife management use after just 2 years — a compelling and cost-effective alternative to the minimum 5 years of grazing or farming typically required under Ag.

Because 97% of Texas is privately owned it can be difficult for researchers at universities or colleges to gain access to private property. The TEL program provides access to private property as well as grants for conducting research. We are currently working with researchers from The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University, Trinity University, Rice University, Texas State University, St. Edward's University, University of Houston and Mississippi State University.

For more information about the Texas Ecological Laboratory program, please contact us for further information.

Benefits of Texas Ecological Laboratory

Property Owners

Owners may reduce their property taxes under a Wildlife Management Valuation.

The Environment

The Texas Ecological Laboratory program provides a positive impact on the environment. Effective stewardship of land can provide a resurgence of wildlife and plant species on the property.


University researchers can gain valuable hands-on research experience from your property.


Are you a student interested in an opportunity to perform ecological and wildlife research? Texas Ecological Laboratory can help. Just click on the Register button and register for a Researcher's account. Once you have successfully registered on the website, go to "Submit an Application" under "Researcher Tasks" and submit an application to perform research. You will be able to view the properties currently available for research grants and can apply for the ones in which you are interested in.


Are you a landowner looking to reduce your property taxes on your land? Are you interested in increasing the amount of wildlife and plant species on your property? If so, Texas Ecological Laboratory may be an ideal partner for you. For more information, please contact Texas Ecological Laboratory at (512)894-5426.

About us

Texas Ecological Laboratory has been providing ecological services for property owners of the great State of Texas for over 10 years. Our program has grown every year and we welcome you to join us if our service could be of benefit to you.

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